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Fees for Estate Administration/Probate

There are various factors that are taken into account when determining a reasonable fee, but the main factor will be the time spent in dealing with the case, or the "time element". The value involved in the administration of an estate is important too, as is complexity, importance and urgency.

It is very difficult to quote a fixed price for Estate matters, as each case is so different, but as a very rough guide we charge:

A fixed fee of £850 plus VAT to assist with the work needed to obtain a Grant of Probate, excluding the third party payments to HMCTS (the Probate Registry) which are extra. This only applies to non-taxable estates.

The fees for an estate are usually in the band of 1 to 2% of an estate's value, as a rule of thumb, unless our Principal is one of the executors. Please see below for the basis of charging by reference to time spent.

The time element includes all time and various operations of legal practice, such as:
  • Time spent in meetings and conferences
  • Making and receiving telephone calls
  • Considering, preparing and working with papers
  • Legal research
  • Correspondence
  • Estate or Trust accounting
  • Travelling
Time is recorded by reference to six minute units of time. A full unit of six minutes will be charged for operations lasting less than six minutes.

From 1st January 2022 my hourly charging rate is £295 plus VAT, but where I am an Executor it is £325 plus VAT. This is only increased by way of markup where appropriate (eg - where a matter is complex, urgent, or high value), and you would be notified of this.

My hourly rate may be reviewed, but not more often than annually.

We will charge separately for third party payments made on your behalf, which are often called disbursements. These include:
  • Court fees (eg - Probate Court Fees) - The current Fee for Probate is £273 plus £1.50 per official copy.
  • HM Land Registry fees
  • Counsel's fees
  • Search fees (eg - Unclaimed assets register)
  • Advertisement costs (eg - s27 Trustee Act 1925 Notices in the press)
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